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Who We Are

It All Started With an Idea

It's commonly happen at every corner of the street food or "mamak stall", the commands we normally hear of, "boss, Kopi ice satu bungkus Ikat Tepi", "milo kaw satu bungkus ikat tepi".
Drinks are served in a little plastic bag, tied on one side with a little string (sometimes tied completely shut to drink at a later time), hence the term ikat tepi tied-on-the-side, and with a plastic straw.
Having your drink on the go, being able to hang it up anywhere you want, is exactly what ikat tepi is all about. We serve not only Kopi, but the Culture, a truly Malaysian Culture And this is the Malaysian Culture

Our Concept

We focus on 3 Lights & 3 heavy models, which are Light Commitments, Light Expenses & Light Manpower, hence the Heavy Training, Heavy Branding & Heavy Digitalising Mode.
Light & simple kiosk concept, our space is between 200-600sqft and with the capacity of 10-20 pax. With the flexible adaptation fit-out, we are able to plot this Grab & Go kiosk at anywhere, everywhere.
We are specially planned and designed to cope with the New Norm, as in “Delivery”, with numerous considerations and efforts that have been put into our packaging materials, we ensure you will experience the best coffee as fresh as the fresh brew.

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Japanese Premium Milk Loaf

Best Kopi Of The Day

Kopi Hari-Hari Mau

Traditional Hainan way of brewing, with the authentic Hainan roasting method of arabica and Liberian coffee bean. The Kawness of this coffee will surely hit you with our tag line “Once cuba, hari harimau”.

The Core Team

Corben Naylor


Jozefo Teodora


Raya Leach


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Contact Us


    C12, Level B1,
    Concourse Level,
    Sungei Wang Plaza, 55100,
    Bukit Bintang,
    Kuala Lumpur


    +603-2110 5559


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